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Thanks all for a fun Halloween Party!!

We started the evening watching the Cougs beating the points spread again against Notre Dame! Then the costumes came on and I previewed several of my new videos. Thanks for the grand response. It was sure fun being at these concerts and fun to share my experiences with you!

  • Pat Benatar

  • AC//DC

  • P!NK

  • The Ting Tings

  • Roger Daltrey

  • Semi Precious Weapons

  • The Sounds

 a.k.a. Front Stage Baby Productions

  • You can see lots of my concert pictures at

  • Let me know if you want copies of the DVD's I showed or
    enlargements made.

We viewed my "eXtreme Sandstone Luge" video starring
John Orr
taken on Sucia Island a few weeks back.
I've posted it on YouTube!

That excerpt was from my Sucia Island Hikers 09 video shown that night.

Many also commented on my ensemble of music videos.

Girl Rock Power!

Introduced you to songs from P!NK, The Ting Tings, The Sounds, Lily Allen,  Britney, Taylor Swift, Little Boots,  Avril Lavigne, Shakira, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkston, Lady GaGa, Paramore, The Pussycat Dolls, Kate Nash...... Wow!

Also had lots of comments about 3Oh!3's song Don't Trust Me

Best couple - Sonny & Cher                                                             A Rock'n mouse!

                  Best Happy Gnome                                                         Art the ghoul                                  Lisa the Vampire and Art @ work

I didn't take many pictures during the party.       I should of had my webcam going!
Happy Boo!                                                                                         My growing wall of pictures

Fingers were showing up everywhere!            The next day I felt something scratching my back while on the toilet! Creepy!

Thanks Friends!!!

Photos 2009 Art Rusche

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