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Seattle Storm vs. Atlanta Dream

Game 2 Tuesday Sept 14th, 2010
87-84 Seattle  /   Lead Best of 5  2-0


    National Anthem ala Jimmy Hendricks style                           PG Rebecca Lobo interviewing Angel McCoughtry

        It was sooo loud EMTs were handing out ear plugs!                    Heather must of taken 2 inches off her pumps from game 1!

                     Ashley pumped up!!!!!                                                        Karen Bryant Storm CEO always cheering!!

Camille and Sue's Game Faces

My money is on Lauren!

Angel still wearing the stitches of her run in with Jana in Game 1

The ball will catch up!                                                                                                        NO FOUL?  :))

Shalee with a pretty intense look!

No Foul?  :))

abc broadcast team

Lauren clearing space!

"So you think you're gonna defend me?"  
Oye Oye Oye

The Seattle Storm Train for every kids!!   Never would see this in the NBA!

The heart's of champions!

Matt Hasselbeck throwing out t-shirts!

Our dynamic duo

This game is Fun!!!!!

"Now what do we do?"

My hat does go off to the Atlanta Dream!  They threw everything they had at the Storm.
They were in every game until the last seconds!  They scraped and clawed and never gave up!!
They were a very formable opponent. They just were caught in THE PERFECT STORM!

CAMILLE LITTLE!!!                                     SWIN CASH !!!

Thanks Atlanta!

The smell of the Championship trophy is getting closer!

Ray Bird !!       Go Storm !!

Swin Cash MVP of Game 2



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Photos 2010 Arthur D Rusche


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