Indonesia is one our favorite places on earth.
Art's parents and sister were born in Indonesia
during the Dutch ocupancy.
John Albert Rusche - Solo, Java
Constance Anna Herrebrugh - Banda Ache, Sumatra
Joyce Margriet Rusche - Bandung, Java
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RuscheFamily.com and Herrebrugh.com
About Indonesia: Banda Islands:
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  • Spice Islands Archaeology Project
  • Massacre at the Banda-islands 
  • Iles de Banda - Cartography
  • Jan Pieterszn Coen and the extinction of the population on the Banda island

    Mount Bromo
    Inside the amazing Tengger Caldera, Mt. Bromo, is part of a chain of active volcanoes stretching across Java. It is situated inside  at the northern end of the national park which also encompasses Semeru, the highest mountain on Java, 20 km to the south.
    e the 
    The Sinking of the Junyo Maru STAMBOOM VAN DE FAMILIE VAN DEN BROEKE uit Banda/Molukken
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