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Couloir Rusche

1988 - May 27, 2004

Couloir was brought into our lives in 1988 by Ed and Larrie Jo who rescued her from an animal shelter.

She was left on my doorstep with a knock on the door.

Mike just moved out after marrying Jaime and Art was left as the lone bachelor at the Island Drive home.

Couloir was named after the Saudan Couloir, Ski Race Extreme on Blackcomb Mtn. and now Couloir is off to the other run,
 7th Heaven.

Couloir enjoyed the yard and dock
 at the Island Drive home

She also had a chance to captain
the Sea Coug

helping check the crab pot doors.




Couloir, a.k.a. Cooly,
 loved watching
 the birdfeeder cam

Couloir also loved her fountains, spending several minutes at a time memorized watching the water.
 She would also swipe at the water and partake of it.



Ah.. the Catnip!

Roll over Couloir!
(she actually would.... sometimes)

Couldn't resist!



And there was
 always food!



The Bryn Mawr home allowed for much more room to roam and
to cooperate with a new sister, Oranya.


Oranya and Couloir did have a few things in common.

Couloir was much loved...

including her adopted sister, Oranya...

Oranya, not to be out done, 
will be debuting her new pages soon!

and pen pal, Killer Boyer



Rest in Peace Couloir

Thank you for all your thoughts...

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I always knew my dad would
immortalized me forever in cyberspace.
 Thanks everyone!